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We are engaged in the supply of oat flakes to anywhere in the world. At the moment, our flakes are available in more than 3,542 stores in Russia and the CIS.
We offer the supply of flakes to small and chain stores, as well as supply raw materials for subsequent processing. Our flakes can be used to create gluten-free products: cereal bars, muesli, granules, pp pastries (cakes, bread, cakes, cakes), yogurt with additives, bran, bread, vegetable milk, oatmeal oil.
The minimum order from us directly from the manufacturer is from 10 boxes
(1 box = 10 packs of the same name) Boxes are not crushed!
➣ 100% prepayment
➣ Shipping by a transport company from Veliky Novgorod at the expense of the Buyer to the specified address (cargo delivery terminal) or to the door by courier.
➣ It is mandatory to specify in the order: the exact delivery address, full name and mobile phone of the recipient.
Send orders by e-mail: sale@stashevskoe.ru
Phone number for questions about orders: 8-999-102-12-58
If your order is less than 10 boxes, you can arrange delivery by

What is our uniqueness?
We do everything ourselves. This is extremely difficult to repeat in large volumes. Stashevskoe is a unique craft product.

We don't add anything during the production process. No flavors, dyes, flavor enhancers, sugar, GMOs. Only high-quality gluten-free naked oat flakes. This is the perfect base for your breakfast.

If you want variety, you can choose our flakes with natural honey from the Novgorod region, real chocolate from St. Petersburg or freeze-dried fruits and berries of the highest quality! It's up to you to decide what to add today, fruit, cream, chocolate or nuts. Unleash your imagination!

Oat flakes are grown in fields where nothing has been processed or grown for decades before us. The land is clean, without chemicals and impurities. There is no economic activity near us. We were one of the first to receive an organic certificate.

An eco-friendly and organic product from the fields straight to your table.

Since 2020, we have grown by 50%, which indicates an increase in demand for products of such high quality. We will continue to grow and delight you day by day!
How to live, how to feed a child, where and what products to buy, will relatives and friends understand us, how will the child's relationships with peers change, how will he develop, grow ...? Without bread! Each of us asked a lot of questions. And for 20 years, the celiac society "Emilia" has been responding to them.
St. Petersburg Society of Celiac Disease "Emilia".
A common desire to solve social problems and change the world for the better is the basis of a corporate social partnership with the NGO Center for the Promotion of Improving the Quality of Life of People with Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease "Gluten-free City" and an information platform stopgluten.info
Gluten-Free City Assistance Center
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for procurement issues: sale@stashevskoe.ru
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