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Is porridge always useful?

Porridge is the basis of breakfast for children and teenagers. Is it good?

It contains high nutritional value and all the necessary nutrients for the growing body .

However, care should be taken - cereals contain gluten. "Gluten" from the English glue - glue. Vegetable protein, which is part of wheat, rye and barley.

Baby food that contains gluten is introduced into the diet no earlier than 6-8 months. Otherwise, babies may develop a genetic intolerance to this protein — celiac disease.

With celiac disease, intestinal damage occurs, the absorption of vitamins and nutrients from the intestine is disrupted, which causes a delay in development and growth.

There is no contact with gluten-containing products in our production. Competent crop rotation, properly grown seeds, special equipment that does not come into contact with gluten-containing grains exclude its presence.