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How to painlessly change the diet to a healthier one?

If you are already on vacation with all your thoughts, then it's time to clean up your diet; This will help to qualitatively improve the condition of the body and improve your health along the way));

Avoid sauces. They significantly increase the calorie content of any dish. Swap them out for low-fat yogurt or balsamic vinegar.

Replace sodas and packaged juices with water.

Do not abuse fruits. Often giving up sweets and pastries, they try to compensate for this with a large amount of fruits, which can adversely affect the calorie content of the diet and your well-being.

Reduce your sugar intake. Even if you stop adding sugar to coffee or tea, this will already significantly reduce your calories.

Don't skip breakfast. This is an important part of a healthy diet and maintaining a beautiful figure. A great option would be oatmeal or gluten-free oatmeal. More interesting options can be found in our weekly column "Healthy Breakfast"