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Multivitamin "pill" for your immunity

The weather does not please with stability, but health can please her))
Oatmeal porridge will fight for your immunity

Experts from Newcastle University have proved that a plate of oatmeal is able to notice a multivitamin tablet: it contains magnesium, iron, copper and vitamins of group B important for immunity. At the same time, there is little fat and sugar in the porridge, but on the contrary, there is more useful dietary fiber than in bread with bran.

According to scientists, if you eat only 70 grams of oatmeal for breakfast every day, the level of dangerous cholesterol will drop by 7% – this is a result that can be compared with the effect of taking medications.

And the use of cereals for immunity is miraculous at all: after a plate of porridge, a gel substance forms in the stomach, which envelops the walls and serves as food for good bacteria.

They support the internal forces of the body and protect against inflammation. The same purpose is served by the substance beta-glucan contained in oatmeal, British scientists are sure.